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Katie McCrindle

Body Liberation Counselor, Fat Activist, and Registered Social Worker

I identify as fat as a way of reclaiming the word and situating myself in a political identity, and I honour whatever language you choose to identify with. I believe that every body is worthy. Often, those in larger bodies think they should seek to be small, but larger people deserve to take up the space they occupy in this world without apology. I'm passionate about body and self awareness, movement/dance as a way of connection with body and spirit, and fighting for social justice. My 10 years of social service sector experience have allowed me to hone my skills in working from an intersectional feminist approach, and I aim to support you in discovering and uncovering your own innate wisdom about your body and yourself.

Photo by: Oh Sierra.


What do I offer?

Currently, I'm offering Fat Chat, an in-person social support group for people in "larger" bodies, and those who identify as fat. This takes place at Body Brave in Hamilton, Ontario (1047 Main Street East Hamilton, ON, L8M 1N5). This group is free of charge (donations gladly accepted!), and runs on the first and third Friday of each month, 7pm-830pm.


Movement instructor Jo Gale and I are offering a 4 workshop series for people in larger bodies at GoodBodyFeel! See this link for more details and to register!

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Christmas Lights

“My life wouldn’t be easier if I were thin. My life would be easier if this culture wasn’t obsessed with oppressing me because I’m fat. The solution to a problem like bigotry is not to do everything in our power to accommodate the bigotry. It is to get rid of the bigotry.”

Virgie Tovar

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